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Bags, Bags, Bags: The World of Accessory Fashion

One of the stated aims of the EduFashion initiative has been to nurture meaningful change in the nature of fashion consumerism. We believe, for example, that sustainable practices in the fashion industry are a a crucial component in maintaining our industry's ability to innovate and excite. One question consumers are asking in droves is are my clothes ethical? At EduFashion we've been interested to discover to what extent bag production utilizes ethical techniques and what we can do to nurture the spirit of sustainability amongst both high end labels and fashion designers active in the bag sector. Shortly we will publish a study into the future of the bag production niche, which will be available on our website.

Update: (11/06/2014) our investigation into the future trajectory of the fashion accessory market is ongoing and the report featuring our findings and predictions will be published soon on our website, with the presentation version accessible through SlideShare. We appreciate your patience as we wrap-up the study and strive to maintain the same standards of insight that have defined the work thus far. Expanding into the realm of the heavily intertwined luxury beauty market and the nascent market for Eyelash Serums we are also striving to approach the work from the angle of branding and consumer spending, noting the increasing influence of luxury conglomerates including LMVH.

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Styling the Route Forward

As participants in the EduFashion project will know, our goal is to foster the collaborative improvement of standards across the industry. We stand for professional development and seek to nurture the shoots of creativity into fully fledged successful and responsible businesses. Dozens of wonderful firms and fashion outlets including these startups are carving out a niche in the internet space. Promising youngsters seeking to get a break in the industry have long looked for options and we feel this recent piece on funding designers sums up the job very succinctly.

Openwear workshop in Milan

Last weekend, right after latest EDUfashion meeting in London,  we had a really nice day at So Critical So Fashion event in Milan.15 participants worked with us and got creative in a practical workshop to produce JacketRetro, one of item of Openwear Collaborative Collection. Take a look at the pictures.

Conference in Ljubljana - A moment to discuss about the future of fashion

The conference was held on thursday 2nd of June at the Faculty of Natural Science in the department of textile and fashion design of the University of Ljubljana. Speeches started by key speakers right after ten and every session had a moment of questions and answers that very often brought to discussion. Many thanx to all the participants who created a wonderful opportunity to meet colleagues from many countries and gave us the opportunity to learn new things coming from diverse contexts.

If you want to explore the pdf of most of the presentations held during that day, go to our wiki page in Openwear to download the documents. And you can have a look at some pictures on flickr.

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Feel free to contact us for advice on securing supportive funding, if you are an aspiring fashion grad student. Grants and maintenance for furthered study are difficult to obtain, but newly launched schemes are aimed at promoting access for more people. This article on fashion student loans addresses the issue extremely well, and it's also something we strive to promote as a team and in our Ljubljana conference. As a contingency for short-term funding, we sometimes point students to 1-30 day options, such as short term borrowing, but we strongly recommend doing your own research to find out what option best suits you, now and in the future.

We are on hand to provide more specific advice if required. Financing options vary widely between geographic locations, both within Europe and beyond.

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